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Solar Water Pump!!!

The Nujum provides hybrid inverters which provide energy storage devices for the region facing issues of frequent power cut.

By providing energy storage devices, customers can maintain continuous power through the solar system without power cut


Go Solar & Save Mother Earth!!!

Apply Fast & Save The Future .

Solar Water Pump!!!

1) Irrigate your fields with the energy of the sun

As the costs of diesel and electricity are constantly increasing, solar-powered water pumps are the perfect alternative for rural areas as they have low maintenance costs and guarantee a long product life.

People in rural areas have to work harder to get water, especially due to the unpredictable rainfall in the country. Our solar powered water pumps are a cost effective solution that allows residents of these areas to spend more time growing their income growing crops, etc., rather than moving water from far away.

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2) Demand charge reduction.

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For many commercial and industrial plants, depending on the location, power bills are charged on their energy bills, which are based on the 15-minute period in which the energy requirement is highest during the day and in some cases can account for up to 50 percent of the electricity requirement. Total Energy Billing While energy efficiency or photovoltaic solar energy can reduce total electricity consumption, these benefits do not always coincide with the maximum utilization of a building. Energy storage systems, especially when combined with intelligent software, can track the utilization of a facility and reduce consumption costs by sending battery power during peak load times. effectively “flattening” the load.

3) Participation in demand response programs.

Demand response for commercial and industrial facilities traditionally involves reducing consumption during times of high demand. Energy storage can enable participation in demand response markets without impacting on-site or on-site energy consumption. in DR programs, at the same time it benefits the network in general.

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