Nujum Solar


The Nujum provides hybrid inverters which provide energy storage devices for the region facing issues of frequent power cut.

By providing energy storage devices, customers can maintain continuous power through the solar system without power cut

Apply Fast & Save The Future .

Energy Storage!!!

The solar EPC solutions from Waaree Energies offer a good return through the use of land or undeveloped land. Waaree offers a bespoke EPC solution based on your requirements and power consumption. Rs 3.5 5 / unit * and can amortize 3-5 * years Commercial and industrial customers are entitled to accelerated depreciation for renewable energy in accordance with IT section 32 on investments for solar roofs, while the depreciation claim is 40% of the project value * open space solar systems in India SOLAR FARM SOLUTIONS (PROFITABLE RATE) 

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Waaree Energies Solar provides private solar park solutions across India for commercial and industrial energy consumers with little or no investment (e.g. third parties and group companies) with a discount on the grid electricity tariff. We also offer “captive” solutions for those who prefer to own solar parks. * RESCO model * CAPEX model * GROUP Captive open space solar systems in India SOLARWaaree PARK offers a solar park solution for commercial and industrial energy consumers. 

“Solutions for everyone who would rather have their own solar parks for their own consumption.”