Nujum Solar

Solar Rooftop Power Plant!!!

The Nujum provides hybrid inverters which provide energy storage devices for the region facing issues of frequent power cut.

By providing energy storage devices, customers can maintain continuous power through the solar system without power cut


Go Solar & Save Mother Earth!!!

Apply Fast & Save The Future .

How does a solar rooftop system work?

A grid-connected solar rooftop system set-up along with a bi-directional meter can be used to monitor the energy generated and consumed by solar-powered households. If surplus power is generated, the energy is fed into the grid and the household receives an annual credit in the electricity bill based on net meter readings.

The grid-connected system eliminates the use of batteries, thereby bringing down capital cost and space required for setting up a solar power plant.

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So, if you want to join in too, and not only do your bit for renewable energy, but also bring about some savings in your energy bill, here are some more basics that you might want to know.

Solar PV is also useful as an alternate source to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in case solar photovoltaic installations fail or are lost due to sudden wind change.

Prerequisites of installation!!!

1) A 1kw panel calls for a rooftop area of 12 square meter or one hundred sq. ft for installation.

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2) An existing TANGEDCO carrier connection below the LA-A1 (home use) tariff

Benefits of Solar Rooftop Power Plant!!!

1) A big discount in energy payments over a length of time

2) It is a renewable supply of strength that may be harnessed on a day by day basis

3) Protection towards tariff growth because the existence of a sun panel is 25 years

4) Savings made on sun is tax-free

5) It is an environment-pleasant opportunity to traditional energy, decreasing the reliance on coal and fossil fuels

6) Encourages self-sufficiency and decreases wastage as extra strength is transferred to the grid